Adhesives for the Assembly of Electronic Devices

配方可用于满足电子行业的不断发展需求。观看interactive summaryof adhesives for electronic applications. Specific grades are available for:

Products include:



  • 高粘合强度与相似和不同的基材
  • 低压
  • 高/低温可用性
  • 快速治愈
  • 抵抗水和许多化学品
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion

硅胶系统Offer Excellent Protection from Mechanical Stress and Temperature Fluctuations

One and two component electronics grade MasterSil® possess high thermal stability, low moduli of elasticity, superior dielectric properties. Other beneficial characteristics of select silicone compounds are as follows:

  • 低收缩
  • 热电导和电导率
  • 低调
  • 化学惰性
  • 低湿度吸收
  • 振动阻尼

没有混合UV /可见光固化化合物,用于保护电子零件

Rapid curing single part solvent free products feature superior bond strength, environmental resistance for electronic assembly applications. Low viscosity compounds for conformal coating and higher viscosity compounds for glob top applications are engineered to resist abrasion, moisture, vibration and thermal cycling exposure.


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