Industrial Sealants for Advanced Applications


Product Chemistry Typical Properties
  • 优异的化学和耐温性
  • 密封能力
  • 年代uperior dimensional stability
  • 高度的灵活性
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Fluorosilicones offer chemical resistance capability
  • 非常良好的尺寸稳定性
  • High elongation
  • 低模量
Polysulfide modified epoxies
  • 优秀的韧性
  • Good chemical resistance
  • 能够处理机械冲击和振动
UV/LED curables
  • 优异的光学性质betway必威登陆
  • Rapid curing capability
  • Good dimensional stability

Low/medium/high viscosity liquid elastomeric systems including pastes provide safe, reliable protection against dust, dirt, fluids, gases, contaminants. These high elongation compounds exhibit good weathering characteristics, aging properties and offer resistance to cracking, blistering, and embrittlement under harsh conditions. Most noteworthy is their ability to withstand vibration, shock, impact, heating/cooling cycles, humidity. Select durable, flexible compounds have proven effective in sealing dissimilar substrates and joints subjected to high/moderate cyclic movement even at low temperatures. Additionally systems have been developed for damp conditions, chemical attack, abrasion and wear. Multipurpose sealants offer fast fixture speeds, low shrinkage, gap filling, good electrical insulation for interior/exterior use. They have proven successful in guarding key components against high pressure.

Common Applications for Master Bond's Industrial Sealants

Our formulations are used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, electronic, appliance, oil/chemical processing, medical, optical, etc. They are involved in various sealing applications including:

  • 孵化
  • 半导体电子元件
  • Thermostats
  • Optical devices
  • MEMS
  • 年代witches
  • 管接头携带腐蚀性化学品
  • 模块和外壳
  • Industrial ovens

Our Most Popular Sealant Formulations